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Welcome to CES educational realm, based in Singapore, a global metropolis where the East meets the West and where there is a diversity of cultures and languages.
CES Group, a prestigious education provider, serves as a home or centre for the exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst students. CES has been the home for scholars, businessmen, Entrepreneurs from all over the world to be trained, educated, and they study for their career advancement. We have achieved international accreditations in a wide range of areas of education and research; for example, business,communications, beauty and cosmetology etc.We have expanded our focus outward from Singapore.............[more]


About Us

CES Group is an educational provider specialising in educating both international and local students. The amalgamation into CES Group is to give us the breadth and depth of capabilities to create an integrated education group with a comprehensive suite of capabilities and services that will be able to compete globally and at the same time meet the demanding needs of the clients. As an international company, our business spans across Malaysia.

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